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Welcome to! We're pleased to launch this first phase of the DEI member support site. We've been working hard to create a site concept that serves not only DEI members but the entire public radio system. I want to say a few words about what we're trying to accomplish here.

First, our emphasis for the site is on the practical: we assume you're here because you need to get work done. So while we think there will be plenty on the site that can inform and inspire you, we're generally focusing on tools rather than theory - templates, planning calendars, customizable spreadsheets, how-to checklists.

Second, this website plays a key role in our service to member stations. As we launch and expand each of our members-only sections, you'll be able to find all of our member services represented on this site in some form. It's our goal to have the capacity to conduct our core business through this site.

And finally, one of our biggest hopes for the site is that it can help bring us all together as colleagues. As I've visited member stations across the country, one of the most consistent comments I've heard is that individuals feel isolated, cut off from others facing similar problems and from those who have already solved them. This website should provide numerous opportunities to meet colleagues, ask questions, and contribute ideas and advice.

The site will be growing by leaps and bounds over the next couple of months. We have a huge amount of content in the works now, and it seems as though every few days we're approached by someone in the system with more really outstanding ideas for content we hadn't thought of! It's encouraging and inspiring for us to see how the concept of this "work site" has engaged the imaginations of development and marketing professionals throughout the system.

We're tremendously grateful to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which provides partial support for the site itself and supports the development of many of the tools you'll find here. We hope you find this site truly useful and that you'll visit it often.Read more at

Best wishes,

Douglas J. Eichten